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Welcome to Lindy Academy, presented by LindyGroove and Ben and Sheri

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

Hello World!

The birth of the Lindy Academy is definitely an interesting story, and I started to write it and realized to give it the right amount of “drama” and “suspense” would require a lot of talented writing, something I’m not sure I can accomplish.

So let’s just give you the short version

The Social Dance Story

LindyGroove started for the most part from a desire by one man, new to Lindy Hop, who fell in love with Lindy and simply wanted a place for him and his friends to dance. That mission has never wavered and in fact has blossomed into a passion to continue to find ways to make dancers better, faster (not faster as in dance faster, but faster as in speed up the learning process).

To this day, LindyGroove continues to try new ways to foster the community through various dance competitions, performances, and modalities for taking lessons.

The Teaching Story

Ben and Sheri never saw themselves as teachers initially. It was finally repeated “bugging” from friends for private lessons that gave them the “private lesson instructor” label back in 2001. Add to that repeated recommendations to promoters by friends (big thanks to Jason!) and they soon got their “workshop instructor” label. Add to that dance studio owner friends asking them to sub (and later to teach regularly) and they were now “group lesson” instructors.

What kept them going? They found they were actually quite effective at it. And it was a lot of fun! Ben and Sheri’s studies and backgrounds in public speaking, personal development, science, and health and wellness made them the perfect fit for being effective dance instructors. Not to mention Ben finally has an accepting audience (somewhat) for telling his famous BAD jokes (not bad as in off-color, but bad as in …well… you’ll see)

Parenting…And The Stories Converge

One of the most effective offerings from LindyGroove was Patrick and Debbie’s advanced-audition class. For years this helped build many an advanced dancer. However, now being new parents (with their respective spouses) they were no longer able to teach their advanced lesson.

On the “other” side, also becoming new parents, Ben and Sheri found they could not dedicate the time they used to to the Lindy community and went from four to six nights a week of involvement to one night a week (plus one night a month for TSS). While their new kiddoes (rightfully) took priority, it was at the expense of not being as in touch with the Lindy scene

Enter the “Right-Time-Right-Place” Fairy

So after 10+ years of close friendship and collaboration between LindyGroove and Ben & Sheri, an endeavor with an “official parternship” was born. “HELLO WORLD” says Lindy Academy.

Ben personally thinks back and wonders ..”Well, why didn’t this happen earlier? Seems perfect”. Then again, it’s always a right-time-right-place kind of thing because who knows if this would have launched with the same vigor at another time.

With Lindy Academy, LindyGroove has now added another effective lesson modality with weekly progressive lessons at a VERY affordable price with world class instructors

With Lindy Academy, Ben and Sheri have now moved their one night a week of teaching from Wednesdays at the studio to Thursdays at LindyGroove, providing them a fantastic opportunity not only to teach but to also get back into social dancing and simply socializing with the Lindy community

LindyGroove and Ben & Sheri are definitely excited about this new beginning and hope you are excited too.

Now THAT’s a HELLO WORLD For Ya :) !!

See You On Thursday!


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