Guest Teachers For October 3, 2013: Chris and Beth Grover!

We have some awesome guest teachers for Lindy Academy on October 3, 2013: Chris and Beth Grover!

Chris and Beth Grover

Coming your way in October for Lindy Academy, it’s Bal-Swing And Macro-Musicality!

Ben and Sheri will regrettably be missing the first class of the month: however, they did some asking (pleading) and have gotten Chris and Beth Grover to agree to come and step in for the first week of Lindy Academy! Big thanks to Chris and Beth for re-arranging their schedule to teach our class! What a fantastic treat!

These two newly minted Camp Hollywood Hall Of Fame members are beautiful and gorgeous dancers who have studied Hollywood Style and Balboa at length. They have a knack for technique, styling, teamwork, and having fun! Everyone will be in fantastic hands with Chris and Beth leading the way.

Check them out below (their spotlight is at 4min 30seconds)

And for complete class curriculum, CLICK HERE

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