October 2014 Curriculum: Spins, Slides, and Tricks

Brief Overview

Class Dates: October 2, 9, 16, 23

No Class On October 30… Join us for the special Lindy Academy open class: “LindyGroove Thriller Shim Sham” as we open the annual LindyGroove Haunted Halloween Ball!

October 2014 brings us neat stuff! Spins, Slides, and Tricks! Self-Explanatory goodness!


Ben: “Hey Doris, can you tell from the graphic for this month what the theme is?”
Doris: “Umm..Spins..Slides…and Tricks? hahaha”
Ben: *thinking* “I still got it! Yeah baby!”

Here is an overview of what’s going on:

Here is the planned curriculum:

Subject To Change

Lindy 1 Theme: Spins, Slides, and Tricks

  • Week 1:Basic, Outside Turn
  • Week 2:Inside Turn, He-Goes-She-Goes
  • Week 3:Double Outside Turn, Slide Out
  • Week 4:Dipsey-Doo

Lindy 2 Theme: Spins, Slides, and Tricks

  • Week 1:Guy Spins and Girl Spins, Spins for everyone!
  • Week 2:Guy Spins and Girl Spins continued, Slide Practice
  • Week 3:Our Favorite Slides
  • Week 4:Guys Drop, Gals Drop, Dipsey-Doo

Lindy Academy Video Reviews

Week 1: October 2, 2014


Week 2: October 9, 2014


Week 3: October 16, 2014


Week 4: October 23, 2014


See you!


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