October 2013 Curriculum: Bal-Swing and Macro-Musicality

Brief Overview

Class Dates: October 3, 10, 17, 24 (no class on October 31!)

Our October 2013 Lindy Academy Curriculum we venture into the world of Balboa and Bal-Swing and how they can work hand-in-hand with Lindy for some awesome dancing and macro-musicality!


Here is an overview of what’s going on:

Here are the details:

First…What is Balboa and Bal-Swing?

Briefly, it is a swing dance that originated right here in Southern California in the 1920′s and 1930′s. Fusing in various ballroom dances into swing dancing, Balboa was born. It is done in “tight quarters”, usually in closed position (a.k.a. Pure Balboa) with some open variations as well (a.k.a. Bal-Swing). A lot of great close body connection, footwork, and finesse as a result. With Bal-Swing, open positions, spins, and turns are worked in with a Balboa “flair” (circular rotation)

Second…Why Balboa and Bal-Swing?

Many good reasons!

  • First, it’s a BEAUTIFUL dance in its own right.
  • It is also practical because in closed position it takes up less room on the floor if it’s crowded. Even the swingouts and open positions are kept small.
  • PLUS it’s practical (part 2) because if the music is very fast, it gives you a respite from Lindy swingouts.
  • And lastly: cross training is always a good thing. Athletes do it all the time. As a great example, while we are Lindy Hoppers at heart, Balboa has been a fantastic dance for us to learn: giving us new ideas on connection as well as a new repertoire of moves and techniques to infuse into our Lindy Hop

For Lindy 1 the first two weeks are “start from scratch” for Lindy Hop. Our “latter week” variations (beyond week 2) will include more Balboa “inspired” moves. We will not be studying Balboa or Bal-Swing itself, we will stay in the Lindy context but teach moves inspired by Balboa and Bal-swing.

For Lindy 2 we will be doing 2.5 to 3 classes of Bal-Swing. REQUIREMENT: YOU NEED TO HAVE TAKEN THE SEPTEMBER BALBOA CLASS OR EQUIVALENT The last 1 to 1.5 classes we will work our Bal-Swing into Lindy Hop and work it with our idea of Macro-Musicality

Lindy 1 Theme: Fundamentals, Balboa Inspired moves

Fundamentals Study, and Balboa Inspired moves (utilizing technique from Balboa for some Lindy variations)

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, Free Spin, Outside Turn, Inside Turn ** Guest Teachers: Chris and Beth Grover
  • Week 2:Lindy Over-Rotated Outside Turn to an Inside Turn Basic
  • Week 3:Circular Connection, Over-Rotation to Tucks and Pop Turns
  • Week 4:More Pop-Turn Fun, Kick Up Fun with Pop-Turns and Push-Turns

Lindy 2 Theme: Bal-Swing!

We’ll be doing the first 2.5 to 3 classes of Bal-Swing. No Balboa required, but you need to be at an intermediate level of learning and absorption of footwork and technique

  • Week 1:Pure Balboa REVIEW: Review of all of September’s Bal class, Lollies, Bal-Swing Out ** Guest Teachers: Chris and Beth Grover
  • Week 2:Bal-Swing: In-Out-In
  • Week 3:Bal-Swing: Crossovers, more In-Out-In
  • Week 4:Macro-Musicality, Transitions In and Out of Bal-Swing

See you!

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  1. Jimmy Streeter says:

    Lindy Academy is Groovy

    • Lindy Academy says:

      Ha… I almost wonder if we should have taken the whitespace out and went with


      Seems weird to be putting “LindyGroove” and then “Lindy Academy” in the same breath :)

      See ya in class JimJam!

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