November 2013 Curriculum: Fun With Phrasing and Hollywood Re-Discovered

Brief Overview

Class Dates: November 7, 14, 21 (no class on November 28!)

Our November 2013 Curriculum: Lindy 1 will be “Fun With Phrasing” with the end-goal to have a lot more fun with Lindy. Lindy 2 we call “Hollywood Re-Discovered” and go through favorite moves based in Hollywood Style Lindy

Here is an overview of what’s going on:


Here is the planned curriculum:

Subject To Change

Lindy 1 Theme: Fun With Phrasing

We will add an element of fun and musicality into this month’s Lindy 1 class. Besides our fundamentals work, we will go over briefly what it means to have musicality and phrasing and then put actionable moves in you can do that same night to help your dancing be more musical AND more fun

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, Inside Turn, Improv Breaks
  • Week 2:Shuffle Swingouts, Behind The Back, Improv Breaks
  • Week 3:Tuck Turn To Side By Side, Improv Breaks

Lindy 2 Theme: Hollywood Re-Discovered!

Some of our very favorite moves inspired by Hollywood Style Lindy. Material includes “By Request” material and moves that we still love to do and want to share!

  • Week 1:Sugar Pushes, Swivels
  • Week 2:Swivels, Switches
  • Week 3: Rhythm Circles, Guys Spin, Girls Spin

See you!

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