May 2015 Curriculum: Musicality and Improvisation with Ben and Christine

Brief Overview

Class Dates: May 7, 14, 21, 28

Ben is back! And teaching with him is guest instructor Christine Nguyen aka one of the most dynamic improvisers in the Lindy World in our humble opinion

Ben (along with partner Sheri) is well known for musicality, creativity, and improvisation when it comes to Lindy Hopping. And just having a good ol’ time!

Christine is … well, the same.. and then some! In other words: one of the most musically creative improvisers in the world of follows in our humble opinion. Christine is also a reent transplant from northern California and is looking forward to getting back into teaching!

Together, Ben and Christine will be putting their heads together to bring you an amazing series about musicality and improvisation!

Here is an overview of what’s going on:

Here is the planned curriculum:

Subject To Change

Lindy 1 Theme: Musicality and Improvisation for Beginners

  • Week 1:Foundation: Basic plus variations
  • Week 2:Foundation: Review and more variations
  • Week 3:Footwork and rhythm variations
  • Week 4:Building your improvisational skills

Lindy 2 Theme: Musicality and Improvisation for Intermediates

  • Week 1:Fancy Footwork Variations
  • Week 2:The Fudge Factor
  • Week 3:Fighting Combos
  • Week 4:The Real World

Lindy Academy Video Reviews

Week 1: May 7, 2015


Week 2: May 14, 2015


Week 3: May 21, 2015


Week 4: May 28, 2015

(coming soon)
(coming soon)

See you!

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