May 2013 Curriculum: Happy Birthday Frankie Manning!

Brief Overview

Class Dates: May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Happy Birthday Frankie Manning!

On May 26, 2013, our patron saint of Lindy Hop, the late Frankie Manning, would be turning 99 years of age. Frankie passed away in April 27, 2009, one month before his 95th birthday. He was a light of shining inspiration for many Lindy Hoppers and is sorely missed. For the month of May, we pay tribute to Frankie Manning and his passion and jubilation for Lindy Hop!

Lindy 1 for the latter month variation will be teaching some “Frankie Favorites!” Favorite moves and stylings and the spirit behind them! Prepare to have a lot of fun and laughs!

Lindy 2 will be learning… THE CALIFORNIA ROUTINE! A staple of many advanced dancers! Choreographed by Frankie Manning for use in the famous “Hellzapoppin” clip, we will teach you the routine, then teach you the technique to get it done as fast as possible! Including some tips and training for the lifts!! Prepare to get your butt kicked to the wall and love it!

Frankie Manning and the One2Swing Jitterbugs

Here are the details:

Frankie Manning: spirit, passion, jubilation, and a gentleman’s love of Lindy Hop. Head choreographer of Herb White’s “Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers” and responsible for many of the inspirational clips today: Hellzapoppin, Day At The Races, Keep ‘Em Punchin’ (The Big Apple clip), and more.

And yet when he spoke of Lindy Hop, he always talked of how he just loved holding a gal in his arms and dancing with her. He spoke of EVERY dance as treating the woman you’re dancing with as your princess for the next three minutes.

We hope to translate that passion and jubilation with some of his trademark moves and stylings.

Lindy 1 Theme: Frankie’s Favorites!

Fundamentals Study, and variations, and Frankie’s Favorites! Fun stylings and moves that have been taught by Frankie Manning over the last several years

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, free spin, emphasis on technique
  • Week 2:Lindy Circle, Send-Out
  • Week 3:Frankie’s Favorite Lindy Moves and Stylings
  • Week 4:Frankie’s Favorite Breakaway Moves and Stylings
  • Week 5:Frankie’s Choreography: Some choreography and patterns from the last class we had taken with Frankie Manning!


Ever watch a modern day “Jam style” contest? And at the end when it’s an all-skate all the couples throw out some nasty mean swingouts followed by about two or three phrases of the same choreography?

That’s the California Routine!

For a long time this has been a staple of many master dancers and instructors, and it should be a staple for any budding Lindy Hopper!

When we have taught this before at an advanced level, it’s been a two hour workshop – and that’s a bit of a squeeze. With a glorious five week month, we will stretch it to three days, do a lot of practice and review, and then cover a lot of technique to get you dancing it as fast as you can, maybe even to the fasty (that’s fast nasty to you) 240bpm for at least a few phrases!

  • Week 1:The California Routine: Part 1
  • Week 2:The California Routine: Part 2
  • Week 3:The California Routine: Part 3
  • Week 4:Fast Dance Technique
  • Week 5:And Even More Fast Dance Technique

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