March 2014 Curriculum: Lindy Hop, Side-By-Side, and Charleston

Brief Overview

Class Dates: March 6, 13, 20, 27

March 2014 brings us Lindy Hop and Charleston month! We cover Lindy Hop (of course) in both classes. And for Lindy 1, it is Side-By-Side month (one of our favorites!) and for Lindy 2, Even More Charleston!


Here is an overview of what’s going on:

Here is the planned curriculum:

Subject To Change

Lindy 1 Theme: Lindy Hop Side-By-Side Stuff

Of course we will start out with fundamentals! We will spend the first two weeks on the basic sendout and our variation choice of the month to get you into closed position.We will continue with some side-by-side moves, stylings, and timings! (We love side-by-side position!)

  • Week 1:Basic, Inside Turn Variation
  • Week 2:Lindy Circle and Lindy Bandit
  • Week 3:Kick-ups, Kick-Steps, and more!
  • Week 4:Syncopating, Pecking, Crazy Knees, and more!

Lindy 2 Theme: Lindy Hop and Charleston

We still find Charleston quite DELICIOUS whether we dance almost exclusively Charleston for a song or use it to add SPICE AND POP to our Lindy. Last month we taught a lot of technique and stretching. This month: more moves!!

  • Week 1:Lindy moves: some favorite transitions into Charleston
  • Week 2:Chareleston moves: and how!
  • Week 3:Charleston moves: MORE
  • Week 4:Lindy transitions: more transitions into and out of Charleston

See you!


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