June 2013 Curriculum: Ladies’ Spin Technique And Sassy Styling!

Brief Overview

Class Dates: June 6, 13, 20, 27

Ladies’ Spin Technique And Sassy Styling!

This month Lindy Academy asked Sheri: “So as a follow, what things do you think help you the most?”

Her reply? Well, it’s the topic of this month’s Lindy Academy!

Mad Crazy Swingout

Lindy 1 for the latter month variation will be going over some beginning to intermediate level technique for ladies turns and spins, as well as some easy and fun styling things the ladies can do when the leads give them “space to operate!”

Lindy 2 same theme as Lindy 1, but at an intermediate/advanced level!

In both classes, the gentleman will also learn some “Fancy Shmancy” moves that involve the ladies doing quite a bit of turning and spinning, as well as learn some great ways to give the ladies room to shine!

Here are the details:

Lindy 1 Theme: Beg/Int Ladies’ Spin Technique And Sassy Styling

Ladies ever wonder what they should do when the leads give them time and room to style? Ladies also want to improve the flow and smoothness of spins and turns ? This is your month!

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, free spin, emphasis on technique
  • Week 2:Lindy Circle, Double-Tuck Turn Out
  • Week 3:Variations On Tuck Turns, Stylings when backed out, Stylings when walked out
  • Week 4:Pop Turns, Quick-Stops, Free-Form Dancing

Lindy 2 Theme: Int/Adv Ladies’ Spin Technique And Sassy Styling

In-Depth spin and styling technique! Including reactionary rotational lead/follow and some *EXTREME* styling!

  • Week 1:Tuck Turn Variations, Walk-Out Styling
  • Week 2:Pop Turn Variations, Quick-Stops (Outside), Quick-Stops (Pop/Inside)/li>
  • Week 3:Linear To Rotational And Back, In-Depth Reactionary/Rotational Connection, In-Depth Spin Technique
  • Week 4:Free-Form Dancing and When To Use It And When To Lead It

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