January 2014 Curriculum: Moves, Variations, Redirections, and Footwork with Chris and Amanda

Brief Overview

Class Dates: January 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

We welcome guest instructors for January 2014: Veteran teachers and dancers Chris Stewart and Amanda Hanson-Gates!

Chris and Amanda are long time instructors that have taught many workshops, group lessons, and private lessons. They are known for strong fundamentals, excellent technique, and a fun and friendly teaching manner. We are very happy to have Chris and Amanda as our guest star instructors for Lindy Academy this month!

Chris and Amanda will explore a lot of technique, variations, styling, and footwork. All of the above will have at its base a focus on redirection and momentum. In other words: a lot of very useful, deep, awesome stuff!


Here is an overview of what’s going on:

Here is the planned curriculum:

Subject To Change

Lindy 1 Theme: Fundamentals and Turn Variations

Chris and Amanda will deliver to you strong fundamentals and technique as they work through the basic swingout, variations, and variations on variations as part of the Lindy 1 curriculum. Be prepared for lots of good learning and a lot of fun

  • Week 1:Closed position drill, swing out open to closed/open to open
  • Week 2:Swing out drills with all variations, Frankie move, 6-count passes
  • Week 3:Swingouts with variations (inside/outside turns), crosshand variation
  • Week 4:Swingout outside turn variations, Texas Tommy, Follow Walkaround
  • Week 5:Texas Tommy Variations!

Lindy 2 Theme: Redirection and Footwork!

Chris and Amanda will focus on redirection technique this month: a vital piece of moving your Lindy up a notch so you are not just leading and following set moves, you are now leading and following at a higher level. Demonstrated with some fancy stop variations. Add to that footwork variations each week that culminates in a mini-routine and that’s some good learning to be had this month!

  • Week 1:Rhythm Discussion, Footwork (Dig Step, Kick Ball Changes), Hip Stop Variations
  • Week 2:Hip Stop Promendate Variations, Stops, and Reverses
  • Week 3:Hip Stop Count Variations, Ladies Styling, Sweep Step Footwork
  • Week 4:Slide Variations, Reverse Jerk Redirection, Sink Styling Variation
  • Week 5:Putting it all together, Mixing and Matching, Super Cool Surprise Move

See you!

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