January 2013 Curriculum

Brief Overview

Class Dates: January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Welcome to our first month of Lindy Academy! We are quite excited to be bringing progressive lessons to LindyGroove and have some special “first month” course material.

For Lindy 1 we will be going in-depth on technique. While there may be brand new people in the class, we are guessing many of the Lindy 1 folks will have taken the free “drop-in” LindyGroove beginner class and we plan to build on that with a lot of technique as well as a few more complicated moves.

For Lindy 2 we will also go in-depth into a lot of technique, and then use that technique to build in some very “adventurous” footwork. We will “force feed” you some footwork and then show you how to create your own. We’ll explore a bit with body movement and then put it all together to music.

I Love Footwork

Here are the details:

* subject to change

Lindy 1 Theme: Fundamentals, 1-4 Variations, Passes

Fundamentals Study, Varying your 1-4 counts and using passes to add variety and floor craft

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, Free spin, Underarm Outside Turn, with emphasis on technique
  • Week 2:More technique, Inside Turn, Inside Turn 1-4, Barrel Roll 1-4
  • Week 3:Right-to-Right 1-4, Texas Tommy
  • Week 4:Passes, Extending the basic, floor craft
  • Week 5:Behind The Back Tuck Turn

Lindy 2 Theme: Technique, More Technique, Footwork, and Styling

Technique Study In Depth, Fast Lindy Technique, Footwork vocabulary, Footwork Exercises, and Styling It Up

  • Week 1:Technique and more technique with pulsing, frame, and connection.
  • Week 2:Footwork exercises, Free-Form Footwork Exercises
  • Week 3:Footwork exercises and vocabulary continued, Lindy Styling and Movement For Your Basic (FRANKIE STUFF!)
  • Week 4:Putting It All Together! (part 1)
  • Week 5:Putting It All Together! (part 2)

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