February 2013 Curriculum

Brief Overview

Class Dates: February 7, 14, 21, 28

Welcome to our second month! Here is an overview of what’s going on:

For Lindy 1 we will again “repeat” our first two weeks as we will likely have a mix of new beginners and veteran beginner/intermediates. This means we will start from scratch and also go into some technique explanations and practice so all levels present will get something out of it.

For the Lindy 1 latter-week variation (weeks 3 and 4), the previous month we did some pretty complicated moves with the quick tucks. We will now go the other way and look at some nice footwork variations, some stylings, and some Frankie-inspired ad-libs!

For Lindy 2 we explored a lot of technique, footwork, and movement to spice up your current Lindy vocabulary. This month we will add on moves, moves, moves, and moves to your vocabulary so expect an intense month of moves and patterns. THEN we will study reactionary lead/follow, meaning making up moves on the fly! That’s right follows, sometimes even the leads don’t even know what’s coming up!

Lindy Hop Moves Cornucopia!

Here are the details:

Lindy 1 Theme: Fundamentals, Ad-Libs, Frankie Inspired

Fundamentals Study, Styling it up with floor craft and footwork variations, some slides, some Frankie ad-libs, then learning to put it to musical phrases

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, Free spin, Underarm Outside Turn, with emphasis on technique
  • Week 2:More technique, Inside Turn, Floor Craft With The Basic
  • Week 3:Easy and Classy: Lindy Basic Styling and Footwork Variations (Shuffle, Stomp-Offs, Slides) and Frankie ad-libs
  • Week 4:Phrasing it Musically

Lindy 2 Theme: Moves, Moves, Moves, and Technique! Reactionary Lead and Follow

Some of our favorites moves!! Quick tucks (both single and double variety), pop turns (TWO CLASSES WORTH!), and in-depth study of rotational connection to go with the linear connection we studied in the previous month

  • Week 1:Quick Tuck Moves, both Singles and Doubles (our favorite!!!)
  • Week 2:As The Pop Turns
  • Week 3:Rotational Connection and Reactionary Lead and Follow…because sometimes even the *LEAD* doesn’t know what he’s going to do!
  • Week 4:As The Pop Turns part 2

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Comments & Responses

2 Responses so far.

  1. Nellee says:

    How about adding whether you are teaching 6 or 8 count moves? For example, what do you mean by “lindy basic”? Is it a 6 count basic? Some people teach a 6 count, some teach a swing out.

    • Lindy Academy says:

      Hi, good question. I will put up a FAQ soon I hope and will include this question. By Lindy Basic, we mean the 8-count Lindy Basic. For Lindy 1 we usually work in 8-counts (or ad-libs a.k.a. repeated steps). Some latter-week variations we will include 6-count moves as well and if so, will state it as such. Most of the time for Lindy 1 we do stick to 8-count since some of the students are still getting their 8-count footwork down-pat.

      For Lindy 2, pretty much anything goes and it is a mixture of 6-count and 8-count.

      Thanks for your comment!

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