August 2013 Curriculum: Charleston!! (By Request)

Brief Overview

Class Dates: August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Welcome to the month of August 2013. It’s Charleston time again, this time with emphasis on Tandem and Shadow Charleston (by request) (as we didn’t get to in our March 2013 Charleston month!)

Here is an overview of what’s going on:

Leon James and Willa Mae Ricker Tandem Charleston

Here are the details:

For Lindy 1 the first two weeks are “start from scratch” as well as including a lot of fundamentals so a wide variety of levels will benefit. The latter-week variation (weeks 3 and 4) we will teach Tandem/Shadow Charleston

For Lindy 2 we will do an entire month of 30′s Charleston. We’ll start the first two weeks with all Tandem/Shadow Charleston including some fancy exits and entries. From there we’ll go on to more Tandem/Same-Side Charleston but opening it up to a face-to-face. Then back to more Tandem Charleston!

Lindy 1 Theme: Fundamentals, Tandem Charleston

Fundamentals Study, and variations in Tandem Charleston ..just in case you want to not get so dizzy!

  • Week 1:Lindy Basic, Free Spin, Outside Turn, Inside Turn
  • Week 2:Review + “Easy” Entry to Tandem Charleston and Basics
  • Week 3:Tandem Charleston: Spins, Quarter Turns, Airplane From Turn
  • Week 4:Tandem Charleston: Pushouts, Bunny Kicks, He-Goes-She-Goes
  • Week 5:Tandem Charleston: Spins To Handshake, Handshake Turns

Lindy 2 Theme: Charleston!

Charleston Charleston Charleston! We didn’t get to Tandem in March so here it is! A month of Tandem and Same-Side Charleston!

  • Week 1:Entries and Exits into Tandem Charleston, Pushouts, Turns
  • Week 2:Tandem Airplanes
  • Week 3:Same-Side to Face-to-Face Airplanes to “Day At The Races” spin
  • Week 4:Hand-Shake Variations, Entries and Exits to Handshake
  • Week 5: He-Goes-She-Goes, Bunny Kicks, Back-Hand-Hold

See you!

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