January 2013 Video Clip Presentation

As part of our teaching, we like to show video clips on the second week. The clips will apply to what we’re teaching and/or be used to help teach some history behind the dance we are all learning and that we all love!

This month, Lindy 1 had two clips to demonstrate the two dominant styles of Lindy Hop through the resurgence of Lindy in the mid 1980′s until about year 2000.

For Dean Collins style dancing, I chose a clip from “Junior Prom”. For Frankie Manning/Whitey’s Lindy Hopper’s I chose Day At The Races.

For Lindy 2, I chose a clip of me and Sheri from 2004 as an example of some footwork resulting in footwork drills we taught, as well as the Mama Lou Parks Basie Centennial clip (VERY INSPIRING)

Dean Collins and Frankie Manning

Lindy 1 Video Presentation

Dean Collins style, popularized in 1998 as “Hollywood Style” by Erik and Sylvia, was a representation of Dean Collins style of Lindy Hop from all his film clips. I really like the Junior Prom clip a lot because it contains a lot of signature Dean Collins styling: It is quite a finesse style and includes a lot of passes, six counts, kick-ball changes, a “hitch” style line (angular in like bending at the waist), savoy kicks, and of course every lead’s favorite in Los Angeles back in the late 1990′s: the guy’s free spin.

The “Day At The Races” clip is one of the most inspiring Lindy Hop clips. Many veteran dancers will tell you it is near the top or at the top of their list of favorite Lindy Clips. It is quite indicative of the Whitey’s Lindy Hopper’s style (and Frankie Manning’s style) with a lot of crouching, layouts, Charleston, and of course craziness! Unfortunately youtube took the sound out, but I think it doesn’t detract much from looking and studying the style of the clip.

Lindy 2 Video Presentation

We showed a private clip of the Mama Lou Parks Basie Centennial performance. While Lindy Hop “died” (well,took a vacation) pretty much after the war, Mama Lou Parks dancers kept the feeling and style of the dance alive. While not dancing actual Lindy Hop, their Jazz routines were very inspired by Lindy and Charleston, including their trademark “Stops” Charleston routine.

Their Basie Centennial performance brought down the house! And it goes to show you regardless of age, you can really bring it and be joyful and jubilant! Heck, the music kept cutting in and out, but those young’ns didn’t care and just said “To heck with it!!” and kept on dancing.

While I am not posting our private clip, I found this one posted online from a different angle. With the distance it’s not as good as the clip we have, but it definitely is still fun to watch anyway! Bring it you young guns!

We also did a lot of footwork drills for this class, and I showed a clip of Sheri and me dancing in 2004. This is about when we started doing these footwork drills and I would say our footwork was quite a thing back in 2004, and this ALHC 2004 Slow Round clip is a nice example. (I think youtube took the sound out, but it doesn’t detract too much from the point of the clip which is footwork)


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