January 2013 Lindy 2: Moten Swing by Oscar Petersen Trio

We’ve been using “Moten Swing” by the Oscar Petersen Trio off of the Night Train album for our footwork exercises and other exercises. It’s a really nice, relaxed song with some intricate (but not overly intricate) syncopations and patterns with the piano melody – perfect for our exercises!

So I figured it’d be helpful if you had a song “excerpt” to practice with. It’s about the first third of the song. Also reduced to lower quality (96kbps) just to be fair of offering it as a free download for educational purposes.

Oscar Petersen Trio Night Train

Download Link Below

Moten Swing Excerpt by Oscar Petersen Trio

Please right-click and save to your computer (mac people: shift-click or ctrl-click) so you can play it to your heart’s content without repeatedly having to stream from our site :)


This song used to be the Shnizzle in the early 2000′s and was a mainstay at LindyGroove, not played as much anymore (though it was QUITE interesting that the LindyGroove DJ did play it during out class when we were using it!)

It’s a really nice song to dance to, listen to, and heck just stand up and dance (or do footwork drills as shown in our Week 2 Video Review). I highly encourage you look at purchasing it for yourself though. The mp3 isn’t available on amazon. Here’s the CD link.

Jasmine and I have put together some SWEET choreography for you for the week 4 and week 5 to pull everything together: footwork, styling, musicality, and more!

Besides getting a “practical” application of using all the stuff we’ve been talking about, you get to “get inside our heads” on how we hear and dance to music! Double-Plus-Good!

Looking forward to Weeks 4 and 5!

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