February 2013 Week 1 Video Review

Video reviews from Week 1 of Lindy Academy for Lindy 1 and 2 for February 2013

Lindy Academy February 2013 Week 1 Video Review

Lindy 1 Review

Great balanced class! We spent a lot of time on technique as the variations do not differ a lot in the fundamental technique. A lot of lead and follow connection talk and guys leading with hips on 1 through 5 and ladies taking normal “walking” steps.

Thanks guys!

Lindy 2 Review

We spent a lot of time tightening connection for the more complicated “quick tucks”. We did some drills on rotational connection and talked about trampolines. A big paradigm shift: NO MORE ROCK STEPS! Everything is just the girl moving (and the lead moving the girl) to her endpoint. Another big point was: use the endpoints to build tension to lead the next move and not “lead through” the next move.

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