Balboa Music Selections

I’ve been asked by more than a few of you for some of the songs I’ve been playing in class. Here are some choice music selections for your Balboa practice and Balboa pleasure

Most of the music we play in class comes from one of these CDs/artists. Here are our recommendations (in the order that I’d buy them in)

Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five

Jonathan’s recordings and charts have a lot of variety in style and in tempo, and we use selections from Campus Five CDs for just about all our classes. Very Django-influenced (NICE!) but still with a traditional swing band feel. Great recordings with easy to find beats for both practice and dancing. All their CDs are good, and if you’re going to choose only one we like Jammin’ The Blues.

Jammin The Blues by Campus Five

NOTE: For practice reasons, because of the large variety of tempos on the Campus Five CDs, if you have money to spare we’d practically recommend getting a second Campus Five CD (there are three total). For listening and dancing reasons, it’s nice to have variety though so for a second CD here are a few more choice artists:

Mora’s Modern Rhythmists

Mora’s has a really nice clean sound to it and easy to find beats for your Balboa. Much of the music and style sounds quite vintage and is reminiscent of a lot of Willie Bryant’s music from the 1920′s (such as our favorite: Mr Ghost Goes To Town), but just with a more modern quality of recording. To pick one CD of theirs, we recommend the cd: Mr. Rhythmist Goes To Town (unfortunately Mora’s Modern Rhythmists have no MP3s on Amazon, only CDs)

Mr Rhythmist Goes To Town by Mora's Modern Rhythmists

The Boilermaker Jazz Band

Another great modern band with modern quality recording and very clean sounding music. Easy to find beats again, and varied tempos. And I really LOVE the vocals of Jennie Luvv (who also has a solo CD out The Mood I’m In which is FANTASTIC. Her version of Love Me Or Leave Me is amazing). To pick one CD: our favorite from the Boilermakers is Give Me Your Telephone Number

Give Me Your Telphone Number by the Boilermaker Jazz Band

Artie Shaw

And a vintage artist, Artie Shaw. Pretty much anything by Artie Shaw is really nice to dance to: Lindy, Balboa, Charleston, and even Collegiate Shag. Some of his more famous songs you might have heard: Carioca, Lady Be Good, Traffic Jam, Man From Mars, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise. ..many others! Peruse the multiple CD set Artie Shaw, King Of The Clarinet for some great music:

NOTE: HOLY COW!! I just looked on Amazon at the Artie Shaw “King of Clarinet” CD set. The ENTIRE MP3 SET IS $9.49! All 65 tracks .. $9.49! I bought the cd set years ago (used) for $24.00. And the entire mp3 set is $9.49? So in other words, Amazon, you’re saying it’s cheaper to buy all 65 tracks then it is to pick out and buy 10 individual tracks?! woww..seriously…


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