April 2013 Video Clip Presentation

Our April 2013 Lindy Academy theme is…


Here are some video clips for your perusal!!

Frankie Manning Shim Sham and Dean Collins Shim Sham Videos

The Shim Sham is a line dance choreographed by Willie Bryant and Leonard Reed for tap dancers and swing dancers. Popularized in the swing world by our patron Grandfather of Lindy Hop, the late Frankie Manning!

Lindy 1′s theme is *THE* Shim Sham (a.k.a Frankie Manning’s Shim Sham)

Lindy 2′s theme is Dean Collins’ Shim Sham, a.k.a. the prettiest line dance you ever saw.

We’ll teach the line dance as well as show you how to use it in your Lindy Hop.

Here are some clips for your perusal!

Frankie Manning Shim Sham

Frankie instructional video with teaching partner Erin Stevens. Song is …unknown (probably some track laid down instead of procuring rights to “Tain’t What You Do” which is the song usually played for the Shim Sham)

Dean Collins Shim Sham

Dean Collins’ Shim Sham by Dean Collins and Bart Bartolo (Dean is stage right wearing white pants, Bart is stage left in dark pants). Song is “Corner Pocket” (popular version by Count Basie)


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  1. David says:

    Hey I danced with Erin last night!

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