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February 2015 Curriculum: Chris and Amanda Awesomeness

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Brief Overview Class Dates: February 5, 12, 19, 26 We are pleased to present our guest teachers for February: Chris Stewart and Amanda Gates…for a whole month! Veteran teachers that are well known for technique, smoothness, and creativity, Chris and Amanda look forward to bringing to you their style of Lindy for the month of February

January 2015 Curriculum: Permutations of Lindy

Brief Overview Class Dates: January 8, 15, 22, 29 No Class On January 1st .. Happy New Year!!! January 2015 brings us one of our signature classes ..for a whole month! It’s Permutations of Lindy! Our most favorite and most popular class…for a whole month! This class is based on our favorite formula on how to easily and simply put combinations together to create more and more moves. Heavily based in technique, leads and follows will get a good technique […]

December 2014 Curriculum: One2Swing “Love Me Or Leave Me” Tribute Month

Brief Overview Class Dates: December 4, 11, 18 No Class On December 25… Happy Holidays!! December 2014 brings us a unique series: One2Swing “Love Me Or Leave Me” Tribute Month! Fresh off our last month’s “One2Swing Jitterbugs Tribute Month”, the Lindy 2 class enjoyed our week of “Love Me Or Leave Me” tribute that they requested more and asked for an entire month, so here we are! Come learn a “modified” version of the routine as well as tips for […]

November 2014 Curriculum: One2Swing Jitterbugs Tribute Month

Brief Overview Class Dates: November 6, 13, 20 No Class On November 27… Happy Thanksgiving! November 2014 brings us a unique series: One2Swing Jitterbugs Tribute Month! As we brainstormed for ideas on this shortened three-lesson month, we came upon a nifty idea: One2Swing Jitterbugs Tribute Month! We will take you each week into one of our signature routines and use it to inspire moves, styling, and versatility in your dance! Swing The Scales: Mobility, Lines Precision Traffic Jam: Power, Excitement, […]

October 2014 Curriculum: Spins, Slides, and Tricks

Brief Overview Class Dates: October 2, 9, 16, 23 No Class On October 30… Join us for the special Lindy Academy open class: “LindyGroove Thriller Shim Sham” as we open the annual LindyGroove Haunted Halloween Ball! October 2014 brings us neat stuff! Spins, Slides, and Tricks! Self-Explanatory goodness! Ben: “Hey Doris, can you tell from the graphic for this month what the theme is?” Doris: “Umm..Spins..Slides…and Tricks? hahaha” Ben: *thinking* “I still got it! Yeah baby!”