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July 2015 Curriculum: Waaait For Iiiiit!!

Brief Overview Class Dates: July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 This month you will get double duty instruction in this special 5 week series…WAIT FOR IT! Covering the first three weeks reprising their roles as star instructors are Ben and Christine! Covering the last two weeks are super guest star instrutors Augie and Rachel! Lindy Academy returns with another slam-dunk series: LEADS: let’s show you how to give your follow some free space FOLLOWS: let’s show you how to recognize […]

June 2015 Curriculum: Swingouts, Swivels, Switches, and Switzerland!

Brief Overview Class Dates: June 11, 18, 25 Ben is back! And reprising her role as guest instructor by popular demand: Christine is back too! Delving into the most awesome of women’s styling: THE SWIVEL! (and by association: SWITCHES and the SWINGOUT). Deadly. Awesome. Sassy. And covering one of the more underrated guys stylings – the guy has a HUGE part in the success of the SWIVEL, the SWITCHES, and the SWINGOUT and Ben covers in depth the guys part […]

May 2015 Curriculum: Musicality and Improvisation with Ben and Christine

Brief Overview Class Dates: May 7, 14, 21, 28 Ben is back! And teaching with him is guest instructor Christine Nguyen aka one of the most dynamic improvisers in the Lindy World in our humble opinion Ben (along with partner Sheri) is well known for musicality, creativity, and improvisation when it comes to Lindy Hopping. And just having a good ol’ time! Christine is … well, the same.. and then some! In other words: one of the most musically creative […]

April 2015 Curriculum: James and Irina Awesomeness!

Brief Overview Class Dates: April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 We are pleased to present our guest teachers for April: James Bianco and Irinia Amzashvili! James is a solid presence in the southland Lindy Scene as a respected promoter, DJ, and teacher. Irina is arguably one of the brighest young stars in the Lindy Hop scene worldwide, already with many teaching, performing, and competition accomplishments on her resume. Based out of Atomic Ballroom in Orange County, we are very happy […]

March 2015 Curriculum: Chris and Beth Awesomeness

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Brief Overview Class Dates: March 5, 12, 19, 26 We are pleased to present our guest teachers for March: Chris and Beth Grover …for a whole month! Veteran teachers that are well known for their in-depth study of the vintage look and feel of this dance. They are smooth an flowy and we are very happy to have them as guest instructors for March!