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Welcome to the Lindy Academy website!

And just who, what, when, where, why, and how are we? READ ON fair web traveler!

WHO is Lindy Academy:


LindyGroove is a Lindy Hop dance venue started in late 2000 by Lance and Doug. LindyGroove‘s unselfish mission to always provide a fun place for people to dance no matter what has over the years made LindyGroove one of the largest weekly dance venues in the nation. Currently run by Lance and Vicky and a team of volunteers, LindyGroove is not only a strong presence for local dancers but is popular worldwide and is known as a “must-go” destination for visiting dancers. LindyGroove is proud to continue to move forward in its support of the Lindy community as co-founders of Lindy Academy.

Ben and Sheri

Ben and Sheri met out dancing in 1999 at the “World Famous Derby”. Finding themselves kindred (and ambitious) spirits, they quickly became well known competitors, teachers, and dancers with a flair for creativity and humor. Today, Ben and Sheri joyfully continue their mission to entertain and inspire through Lindy Hop in each endeavor they embrace from teaching, to coaching dance teams, to running their popular venue Third Saturday Swing, to just being good representatives of Lindy Hop anywhere and everywhere. Ben and Sheri are proud to be co-founders of Lindy Academy.

WHAT is Lindy Academy:

Lindy Academy is the brainchild of LindyGroove and Ben & Sheri with the mission of faster improvement through progressive lessons and the vision to foster the “bringing up” of local Lindy Hoppers. The goal is to accomplish this through “The Lindy Academy Synergy”

The Lindy Academy Synergy: Fun and in-depth progressive lessons from world class instructors followed by a night of dancing at one of the largest Lindy Hop venues in the nation

For years, both LindyGroove and Ben & Sheri independently worked towards building the Lindy community, LindyGroove through providing a high quality social dance venue, and Ben & Sheri through providing quality instruction and all-around support of Lindy Hop. While both entities collaborated often and brainstormed often on how to keep building the Lindy community, The Lindy Academy is their first true partnership in a major effort to foster the growth of Lindy Hop in the Los Angeles area. We hope you can join us!

WHEN is Lindy Academy:

The lessons are in the side room at LindyGroove every Thursday night adjacent to the main ballroom where the free “drop-in” lessons are held.

7:40pm – 8:40pm: Lindy 1 Beginning/Intermediate
8:40pm – 9:40pm: Lindy 2 Intermediate/Advanced

WHERE is Lindy Academy:

Lindy Academy is part of LindyGroove which is:

Thursdays 7:30pm to 12midnight @
Pasadena Masonic Temple
200 S. Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, California 91101

WHY is Lindy Academy:

The mission of Lindy Academy is to provide faster improvement through progressive lessons. The vision is to foster the growth and improvement of the Lindy Hop community.

That’s the more “corporate” speak version.

The simple version: we love dancing, we love dancers, we love when dancers get better, and we love when dancers have fun!

We hope you can join us and support us in this endeavor!

HOW is Lindy Academy:

We’re fine! Thanks for asking, and how are you? We hope fine too!

HOW [much] is Lindy Academy:

There are three prices, the “full” series payment if you join on the first Thursday of the month, the “late start” series payment if you miss the first Thursday and join the second Thursday, and the single-class rate.

Prices will vary depending on how many Thursdays are in the month i.e. how many classes a series will contain.

Three Thursday Month:
$40 FULL series
$30 “Late Start” series
$16 Single Class

Four Thursday Month:
$50 FULL series
$40 “Late Start” series
$16 Single Class

Five Thursday Month:
$60 FULL series
$50 “Late Start” series
$16 Single Class

Hope you can join us!

Comments & Responses

2 Responses so far.

  1. Scott Acornley says:

    Hi! I’m very interested in taking your classes. I have a bit of Lindy experience, although I definitely want to take your Level 1 class to brush up on my dancing…it’s been a while! When does your July series start? Would love to sign up.

    • Lindy Academy says:

      Hello Scott! Thanks for the note. We are starting *THIS* Thursday July 3rd for the July series (I have been tardy in updating our website!). Looking forward to seeing you! And yes definitely come for Lindy 1 first. During class if you find you are getting re-acquainted quickly we can see about having you “hop” to Lindy 2 as well :) Cheers! – Ben

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